I love finishing off watercolour paintings mounted on cradled wooden panels as pictured. I think it makes the painting and colours stand out. You actually get to appreciate the texture of the paper!!

Also, it’s sprayed with a UV-resistant coating and waxed over to protect it from water. This means that it can be hung simply by itself like a canvas. All it needs is a wipe with a barely wet sponge when it gets dusty.

Also, if you’d like it framed, you can have it in a tray frame (first image), just like a canvas.

Traditional Framing

If you’d like your painting traditionally framed (provided it is not already mounted on a wood panel), I am able to get it framed for you. I buy my frames from a UK-based framer called EasyFrame. Alternatively, you can have the painting framed yourself at a framing shop of your choice.
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